Black and White... never gets old!

We begin to dwell on each of these pictures and in different perspectives and, inevitably, everything that comes to mind is ... Elegance.

Always like to say that black and white is a classic - Classic. The kind of classic that regardless of any new trend to emerge will never be outdated.

Well, we couldn't be more agreed on this theory! We like to say that less is almost always more. The straight lines are proof of that and always a good bet, but why not add some fluidity to this same concept ?!

The trunks, the olive leaves, this handwriting on the wedding cake and candle holders have their pivotal role in the pursuit of this. The P & B has another big advantage: It never fails, never disappoints.

The truth is that, however well it is structured around the concept and styling, start by defining this combination as color palette immediately directs us to success and the end result is, at least, harmonious!

Wedding Photography: Passionate
Decoration / Design / Styling: My Fancy Wedding