Real Wedding with Ana & Tiago at Monte Amarelo

Ana and Tiago "tied the knot" in Algarve and this so special day brings us to a rustic and welcoming reality, populated by the passionate colours of the Proteas (favourite flower of the bride, and as such, a "must have" in the decoration!) and iluminated mistically by the hanged yellow lights that were confused with fireflies curious to watch what was going to happen.

Ana is a veterenary by profession, what is very evident when in her wedding the flower girl is after all a little puppy! (Her Suky, always so friendly and well-behaved!)

Always full of these little surprises and spoiled details, this wedding wouldn’t be the same thing if it didn’t have the Music as one of the main elements, and Tiago’s friends (he being a drummer) pampering them with that soundtrack for the different special moments.

Dinner was outdoor, in two large tables, resembling a large Family dinner, heated by the proximity and sweetened good mood shared from table to table. (By the way, the gluttony of the bride was noted by the presence of a ice cream van, by the three delicious wedding cakes and by the enviable "Candy Bar" in sight of all, making us lick our lips with the Oreo pyramids, pots of sweets and chocolate fountain…!)

And after eating, the surprises continued: a passage of the bride and groom through the "Tunnel of Love", iluminated by the smiles of the closest and the long-awaited "sparkles", they created a magical moment that marveled us all and confirmed that there was still a lot of hapiness to spread! "You’re the one that I want!", said Ana and Tiago to each other through dance steps, and everyone joined at the dancefloor to celebrate.

Paparazzis were not lacking behind the flashes of the two polaroids that circulated, after by the guests that didn’t let escape the laughter and dance steps that made the hanged yellow lights shine even stronger through the night…!  ||  Text by: My Fancy Wedding


Wedding Photography: Passionate Wedding Photography | Planning, Decoration, Design, Styling, Floral: My Fancy Wedding | Makeup: Joana Gonçalves | Hairstyle: Irina Gonçalves | Bride Dress: Pronovias | Bride Shoes: River Island | Groom Suit / Shoes: António Manuel | Cupcakes: Andreia Ramos | Musicians: Vitor Bacalhau | Ricardo Matos | Wedding Cake: Doces aos Bocados | Venue: Monte Amarelo | Wedding Date: 29/05/2016